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The poetic Lens | Publication by Genevieve Swifte

The poetic Lens | Publication  2014

By Relative Construction

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2014, Canberra Art Critics' Circle Award


Published by artist-run initiative Relative Constructions.
Texts and imagery by Blaide Lallemand, Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch and Genevieve Swifte.
Guest writer Sarina Noordhuis-Fairfax.
Full page colour illustrations throughout.

In an instant it’s possible to experience contrasting perceptions; to be absorbed by a shaft of light on the wall whilst hearing the compression brakes of a truck gearing down the hill outside into town. In a monochrome world of ice and tumbling skies there is an impulse to find the familiar, drawing analogies to a rainy city street or the droplets of water glistening on the cat’s tail. In the midst of blaring car horns and city lights, it’s possible to find a silence that shifts focus to tiny details, to cracks in the pavement or a lost button in the gutter.

Blaide Lallemand, Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch and Genevieve Swifte have been drawn together by common interests that span multifaceted practices. They explore extremes of sensory experience through the media of photography, performance, installation and sound to create immersive and poetic works of art.

For The Poetic Lens each artist responds to encounters with landscape and environment. Their lenses are literal and metaphorical, embracing the window as photographic frame, light as medium, focus as amplification. The works filter the artists’ perceptions through their own histories, philosophical and conceptual interests. From photographs to the moving image, the sensibilities that inform The Poetic Lens are reflected within the works collected here. 


Cover image: Genevieve Swifte, 2014




isbn 978-0-646-92049-8

Compiled and edited by Relative Constructions:
Caroline Huf
Blaide Lallemand
Ellis Hutch
Genevieve Swifte

Contributing writer: Sarina Noordhuis-Fairfax

Design: Genevieve Swifte

© Relative Constructions 2014

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ACT Australia 2602


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