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94th Moon by Genevieve Swifte

94th Moon  2010

installation, charcoal on mulberry paper

69 cm x 44.47 meters

Mount Stromlo Observatory, Genevieve Swifte and Steven Holland



26th July, 2010


In remembrance of the 2003 bush fires that devastated the Canberra region and its community, Steven Holland and I created a drawing that measures just under 45 meters to represent the temporal space between the fires and the date of installation. The drawing was made with charcoal still present at the site and wrapped around the burnt shell of an observatory on the top of Mount Stromlo.

Now in ruins, the historically significant site is an important memorial for the canberra community. Fragile and burnt, the buildings still retain traces of the fires and stand completely open to the sky. From the top of the mountain they overlook a recovering landscape that remains utterly changed.