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Commission a Workshop by Genevieve Swifte

Commission a Workshop



Canberra based artist Genevieve Swifte directs a series of creative workshops for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Ranging from one on one tuition and professional mentorships, to large groups and masterclasses, her areas of expertise include traditional and contemporary approaches to drawing.


Drawing on her doctoral research and extensive experience as a practising artist, Swifte’s workshops are keyed towards an embodied approach towards creativity. In other words, she works closely with participants to hone the relationship between the eye and the hand and bring the sense of vision back to the body where it belongs.


Through guided projects, such as exercises to explore empathy through portraiture and environmental awareness through landscape, the skills taught in Swifte’s workshops are highly transferable. They foster critical thinking, offer respite from the screen and they connect us with ourselves and our community. They facilitate creativity, empathy, sustainability, resilience and flexibility.


Photograph by Andrew Sikorski


Genevieve Swifte is based at the Gorman Arts Centre where she has easy access to some of the most beautiful event spaces in Canberra. Alternatively, locations for small and large groups can be booked at venues around Canberra, and workshops can also be held at your place of residence or business.



For more information please contact Genevieve directly at